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Financial Education in Community

In addition to the school and the workplace, there are other venues ideal for financial education because they can easily reach a wide audience. These venues include libraries and museums.


Below you will find resources that can help you develop community-based financial literacy programs.

Resource #1

Italy’s Museo del Risparmio (Savings Museum) in Turin offers unique, innovative savings instruction to children, adolescents, and adults through interactive media and educational seminars.  Visitors can play games, conduct fake interviews with holographic figures from both the past and present, and watch videos about financial strategies and economic history.


Click here to learn more about Museo del Pisparmio.

Resource #2


The mission of the International Federation of Finance Museums (IFFM) is to provide a framework for greater collaboration among museums, facilitating the sharing of exhibits, the exchange of scholarship and scholarly resources, and the interchange of information and knowledge. With these resources the IFFM is committed to improving financial literacy and financial education programs.


Click here to learn more about IFFM.

Library-based financial education has potential to be scaled throughout cities and small towns in European Investment Bank member countries. The ubiquity of libraries in Europe and the United States renders it an effective forum for reaching a wider, potentially vulnerable (low income) audience.


Click here to learn about the partnership between FINRA Investor Foundation and American Library Association.


With a mission to improve economic well-being for millions of Americans, Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund is utilizing the world of video games to bring financial education to consumers.  


Click here to learn more about D2D and financial enterntainment.


Click here to learn more about "Bite Club: Save for retirement while running a nightclub" and the other games created by D2D.


Aimed at providing educated financial decision making for all, the National Endowment for Financial Education provides reliable personal finance resources specific to consumers.


Click here to see the resources.

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